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Our mission

Our live app creation tools promote new ways of developing apps that eliminate the most frustrating and time-consuming steps from the app developer's experience, while ensuring a smooth integration with existing SDKs, toolchains and processes.

By pushing interactive updates of code and resources in a running app to the next level, and by associating this with high quality debugger and code control utilities, Celedev tools help developers to empower their creativity, be more productive, and finally to create better apps faster.

Our story

Live coding

The crazy project of a software development system that would truly permit the live-coding of serious iOS apps, started sometimes in 2012. A few months later, technical feasibility was confirmed and the reactions of developers seing the first demonstrator were so awesome that we decided to turn this demonstrator into a real product.

Celedev, as a company, was created in July 2013. Celedev is located in Rennes, France.

After months of hard work, in march 2014 a first version of CodeFlow was put in the hands of a few privileged developers. Thanks to their precious feedback and suggestions, CodeFlow has constantly been improved since then, and it is now available as a public beta version, since October 22, 2014.

In July 2014, Celedev has received an award for its innovative live-coding technology in the 2014 National Contest for Innovative Technology Start-ups organized by the French Ministry for Research.

About the creator

Jean-Luc Jumpertz

Jean-Luc Jumpertz

Celedev founder and CEO

I developed my first Mac application in 1989 (appearing in Apple's selection for education in 1990).

I have then worked as software architect and technical leader in projects of various sizes in different domains, ranging from the design of an Operating System for a massively parallel supercomputer to the creation of a complete PayTV receiver embedded software stack that has been deployed on several millions set-top-boxes in the world. And since 2011, I develop apps and software components for iOS ans OS X.

With my continuous focus on software and system architecture, I know by experience that high-quality software development tools are key for producing outstanding applications, and I believe that live app creation is a major enabler for bringing more productivity, creativity and fun in apps development.

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