Meet CodeFlow

A great way to make Apps.

All the Freedom of Live Coding

in a powerful App Creation System

for iOS, tvOS, macOS


CodeFlow Quick Tour

A Live Application Development Environment for iOS, tvOS and macOS.

Real-time app creation

  • Build your app while it is running
  • Live code update
  • Live storyboard update
  • Live resource update: images, texts…
  • Live-code on real devices
  • Test on multiple devices / screen sizes at once

Mobile apps and beyond

  • Develop apps for iOS, macOS, and tvOS
  • Use the familiar native SDK in Lua
  • Run UI at native speed
  • New OS versions support from day one

Powerful IDE

  • Specially designed for live app creation
  • Runs on macOS
  • Advanced Lua code editor
  • Awesome debugger
  • Works nicely with Xcode
  • Super-easy to use

Unleash your creativity

  • Instant feedback in the app
  • Try, experiment, revert at will
  • Modify app assets with your preferred editors
  • Feel the app UX on real devices while coding it
  • Enjoy wireless app development

You will love Lua

  • Lua programing language
  • Simple, flexible and powerful
  • Fast and lightweight execution
  • Very easy to learn
  • Very pleasant to use
  • The perfect fit for five coding

From prototype to customize

  • Quickly create prototypes that are actual apps
  • Use the prototype as basis for the product app
  • Develop entire apps with CodeFlow
  • Or do client-specific app customization